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 “Necessity who is the Mother of invention.” -  Plato

Earthgift Herbals is a perfect example of how a personal crisis gave birth to a premium handmade product; in this case, an organic skin-softening spa soap that the most sensitive skin will welcome and appreciate for its rich emollient and gentle cleansing qualities. 

The company was started in 1995 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, by Asaera Patricia Coté. A jewelry designer at the time, she became seriously ill from working around heavy metals. A subsequent bacterial infection required three courses of the strongest possible antibiotics for her to survive it. While Asaera eventually recovered, her immune system and her skin did not fair so well. She was left with a mild form of what we now identify as an “environmental illness.” 

Her skin became overwhelmingly sensitive to anything chemical -- laundry soap, facial soap, lotions, almost any and every commercially made product that would contact the skin. She began a study of herbs and herbal remedies. She could no longer continue to take antibiotics. Unable to find anything in the marketplace that wasn’t an irritant, Asaera set her thinking on a different course. By applying her business skills from her successful jewelry ventures, she created her own products and a company, EarthGift Herbals. Her relief was truly an herbal gift from the Earth.

EarthGift's artisan soap-crafting team uses a proprietary “zero-waste” process.  Small batches allow for careful quality control. Production operates at least two months ahead to satisfy demand and to accommodate for environmental conditions. Every effort is given to create the purest products -- beautiful, sustainable, low-impact, and cruelty-free.

Organic ingredients for EarthGift Herbals Spa Soap, great for sensitive skin
Pictured above clockwise from top: Pine Eucalyptus, Wild Rose, Herbal Baby, India Spice, and Warm Ginger at the center.

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