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"I have the simplest tastes.  I will always be satisfied with the best! "
-  Oscar Wilde

Wash with the best, EarthGift Herbals Natural Handmade Soap

We combine the highest quality ingredients to bring the best possible products to our customers. Nothing less. Our signature product line of handmade aromatherapy herbal soaps are the best Mother Nature has to offer. Why?

We saponify the richest organic sunflower, safflower and coconut oils with refined glacier mineral waters to create a luxurious soap base made even richer with pure Shea butter. This peerless emollient blend is then scented and enriched with pure essential oils (never perfume) and organic herbs and spices. Every bar is lovingly cured in its own special bin atop a high desert mountain mesa for at least 30 days. When it is ready, each bar is then gently wrapped and ready to become a gift for your skin. In short, the best from our hands to yours.

The Magic of Soap

Soap cannot be found in nature. It is the result of an alchemical process called saponification. Naturally occurring substances are combined to transform into a new substance, one that does not naturally occur but is, in fact, totally natural. 

This saponification process is very specific. Many factors affect it, humidity and temperature, airflow and sunlight. It took many seasons to understand exactly what impacts the alchemical process and how to adapt to different conditions in order to create a long-lasting and gentle soap. 

Like many craftspeople and entrepreneurs, founder and formulator, Asaera Coté started out in her kitchen before moving to a certified production facility.  Through trial and error, she spent nearly three years perfecting a unique bar soap. She discovered that most soaps use ingredients that are hardeners, usually a form of palm oil. While some palm oils can be completely organic and natural, they will dry the skin and are an irritant for people with sensitive skin.

EarthGift Herbals crafts by very high standards and is unwilling to settle for anything less than the very best ingredients that nourish the skin. We scour the marketplace for the best sources and adapt to prevailing market conditions in order to provide for our customers. We reformulate as required to keep quality high. Each bar has to be perfect.

“The BEST soap I have ever used - Bar none! Lather is wonderful; I feel so clean, yet the soap doesn't dry out my skin, and the scents make me want to stay in the shower!”
– Deborah May, Tijeras New Mexico

EarthGift soaps make great gifts. The scents are so sophisticated I'm comfortable giving them to either men or women. I love them.” 
– Candace Roberts, President Quantum-Think
Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia 

Beautiful skin with EarthGift Herbals Natural Handmade Soap

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