Organic ingredients for EarthGift Herbals Spa Soap, great for sensitive skinPictured above clockwise from top: Pine Eucalyptus, Wild Rose, Herbal Baby, India Spice, and Warm Ginger at the center.

Santa Fe Tea Garden

It seemed like it took hours of wandering through the forest...the patches of snow still had rabbit prints and my trusty companion went wild every time we came across them. But she would come back to focus. "The perfect tree, the perfect tree" we chanted as we searched and searched for our celebratory edifice from our winter wonderland just up the hill. As we rose in elevation the trees clung closer together, swaying to some deep magical rhythm that grew louder as the days drew shorter. Gratefully we would receive one beautiful pine tree into our arms. The invigorating scent of needles and cones reminding us of the beautiful season of quieting peace. Buy Now!

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EarthGift Herbals Santa fe Tea Garden

EarthGift Herbals
Santa Fe Tea Garden

Penetrating cleansing bar for that quick shower or a long soak - lets you take a deep breath of the great outdoors - naturally antiseptic and antibacterial.

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