Organic ingredients for EarthGift Herbals Spa Soap, great for sensitive skin


Pictured above clockwise from top: Pine Eucalyptus, Wild Rose, Herbal Baby, India Spice, and Warm Ginger at the center.








Summer Gift Set

It seemed like time stood still...the waves of water rolled in then out, lulling me into a sleepy serenity. Whether it was ocean tides, a bubbling mountain stream or the swirling rivelets of a shiny lake; watching the water captivates my anxieties and turns them into beautiful thoughts.  The brilliant light of summer and the sunny long days fills my active imagination and enorvates my creativity. I can dig my toes, now relieved from the shakles of shoes, deep into fresh sweet earth. Mudpies, sand castles or rock sculptures, it doesn't matter. At last I can play all day outside without a care. Buy Now!

Summer Gift Set

EarthGift Herbals

Summer Gift Set

One each Honey Almond, Ocean Lavender and Red Clay Natural Herbal Soap Bars

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