The Purest Handmade Herbal Soaps
Sunflower-rich and palm-free 

Earth and skin-friendly emollient shea-butter soap bars enriched with organic ingredients and therapeutic essential oils are made especially for sensitive skin and discerning sensibilities.
Good for you and good for the planet.

Pure Beauty Courtesy of Mother Nature Since 1995

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unforgettable bathing - nourishment for skin, hair and scalp. Gentle for you and your baby (no matter what the age)...

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EarthGift Herbals Aromatherapy Soaps use the finest organic ingredients to get you squeaky clean without drying your skin.EarthGift Herbals Soap Ingredients - Glacier WaterSunflower oil is just one of the vegetable oils used to create an emollient soap base for EarthGift Herbals. Organic herbal ingredients used in EarthGift Herbals Aromatherapy Soap Organic herbal and mineral colorants are used in EarthGift Herbal Soaps

Mineral Water ◊ Organic Oils ◊ Organic Herbals ◊ Organic Colorants

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The subtle beauty of the mountain flowers finally opens up to greet us. First the wild hyacinth; then the glorious irises in golden yellow, serene white and vibrant purple unfurl. Even the fluffy combs of fragrant lilac are visiting this year after a long hiatus from drought and cold at the most inopportune times. Not even 6 inches of snow around the EarthGift studio in early Spring can diminish the emergent joy of colors splashed across our elevated woods. The burgeoning herbal beds are springing forth with life - the soft gray greens of yarrow, rosemary and oregano peek out amid the blossoming lavenders. It's time for a hike up the rocky ridges, around the tall Ponderosas and into the little canyons where secret wildflowers are waking up.

 After hours of walking through woods (or work) a hot bath seems all the more appealing - a joyful and rejuvenating end to the memories of the day's adventures. Go ahead. Light some candles. Add a few drops of Lavender and Cedarwood essential oils to a tub full of steamy hot water, grab your favorite EarthGift Herbals bar of soap and soak in your outdoor adventures. YESSSSS!

Try an  Outdoors Gift Set of EarthGift soaps - all guaranteed to moisturize. No synthetics, no hardeners - no way! Just a life affirming and emergent yessssss....      BUY NOW 

Outdoors Gift Set

 “This Soap is Magnificent!!! I always feel so special when I use it. I do ‘feel the Love’ wash all over me. Terrific Gift!!” —Minnie Byers, Las Vegas, Nevada

“We feature EarthGift Herbals soap in our boutique. It sells itself. Local, lovely and luxurious as well as organically made with absolutely the best ingredients – something our clients expect.” —Lorrin Parish, Owner, BODY of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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